Remineralizing Teeth Diet

Proper dieting is so significant that it expedites the fighting of chronic diseases like diabetes, blood pressure and many other ailments. Also, it helps in doing away with teeth related diseases like tooth decay. Usually, a person with tooth decay or cavity is quick to run to a dentist for refilling.

However, the substance may damage the tooth or make the cavity deeper. In relation to that, remineralizing teeth diet is the only safe and better dental option. It involves taking natural foods that allow the body to naturally amend the ailing tooth thus making it strong and healthy.

Some of the foods that can facilitate remineralisation include:

• Rich in calcium: calcium is one of the minerals required for strong and healthy bones. Therefore, it’s equally crucial for teeth diet. Taking foods rich in calcium like milk and soup and then supplementing them with other foods that are rich in vitamins D3 and K2 helps.

• Rich in vitamin D3: this vitamin functions as a hormone because it facilitates the absorption of calcium and balancing of minerals in the body. Therefore, the formation and repairing of bones are commenced. Taking foods or supplements containing vitamin D3 is recommended because it’s easier for body uptake. remineralizing teeth diet

• Rich in vitamin K2: the vitamin works better when paired with vitamin D3. Usually, vitamin K2 is imperative for it activates osteocalcin, a protein required in the dentin matrix for growth and repair.

• Rich in magnesium: magnesium is vital for teeth structural development for it limits the absorption of calcium in the body.

• Rich in collagen: lastly, we have the collagen which is a major part of the organic features of your teeth. Usually, teeth are prone to damages, hence instant rebuilding during remineralisation is necessary. Collagen is mostly found in meat from cows that are grass-fed.

Parting shot: Embracing the natural way of eliminating maladies should always be considered for it’s hustle-free.

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