Sleeve Gastrectomy Side Effects

Cosmetic surgery has become pretty mainstream in recent years and the demand for procedures like nose enhancement and weightloss have risen steadily. If you’re interested to get a nose job you might wanna have a consultation with a surgeon for rhinoplasty in Sydney. For weight loss however, you might be interested with sleeve gastrectomy. Read on to know all about it.

What is Sleeve gastrectomy

Sleeve the bariatric surgery type which is normally suggested as the alternative to the laparoscopic stomach banding. Sleeve gastrectomy is the weight loss surgery which restricts amount of food the patient may consume by removing about 85% of the stomach deprived of having to bypass intestines. Essentially, It’s considered the purely restrictive procedure known as the safe option for people having low BMI who need to lose the weight. The key advantages of the procedure are to reduce the stomach capacity, minimizing of intestinal and ulcer blockage risks, and also eliminating the part of the stomach which stimulates hunger. If you are thinking of undergoing sleeve gastrectomy, be ready to experience complications, risks, and side effects.

Here are the  sleeve gastrectomy side effects.

The common sleeve gastrectomy side effects are diarrhea, vomiting, and dumping syndrome. Dumping syndrome normally happens when the patients eat the food sleeve gastrectomy side effects quickly, and vomiting normally happens because of the improper diet and acid reflux. When you’re undergoing sleeve gastrectomy, the doctors normally recommend the patient to eat slowly, chew the food thoroughly, and then follow the surgeon’s dietary recommendations so as to avoid any severe and mild side effects. The major complications like bleeding, leaks and esophagus issues, can probably arise when the patients neglect the right diet and also careful food consumption.

Another side effects to patients with the higher BMI can undergo the second-stage operation in the way to lose the remaining excess weight. Soft calories like ice cream and milkshakes can slow down the weight loss due to absorption. The procedure used is nonreversible since part of a stomach is essentially removed. This is for life though it’s converted to the weight loss operation. For the potential of regaining weight, this procedure does not involve the intestinal bypass and this means the stomach can stretch as time goes, and reading to lose the normal shape of the stomach.

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