Never Skip Leg Day: Reasons Why You Need To Complete Your Program

Having strong legs is essential in working out and physical activities. It provides support and balance for our whole body. Unfortunately, some people only focus on their upper body, totally disregarding the benefits of strong leg muscles. It’s important to never skip leg day since it will give you a good foundation for an intense workout and heavy activities. Why don’t you start searching for a discount treadmill for sale and start your leg workout right now?


Why You Should Never Skip Leg Day

First of all, our legs are made of major muscle groups that are essential in making your workout effective. These muscles play a vital role in keeping your overall fitness at an optimum state. It allows you to perform in your full capacity and protects you from injuries.

Reaching your fitness goals will be harder too if you will habitually skip leg day. Strengthening your leg muscles has multiple benefits which we will discuss later on.

leg compositionHere are the reasons why you should never skip leg day:

  • Your body will look ridiculously out of proportion. Just imagine yourself with a great and pumped upper body with a tiny pair of chicken legs. Doesn’t look too appealing right? It’s quite easy to distinguish people who always skip leg day, they end to have a big chest, arms, and shoulder but their legs look so underworked.
  • You will fail at any kind of physical sports. Basketball, football, volleyball, and even tennis needs complete body coordination. This means that your upper body and lower body, yes including your legs, need to be strong enough to work together and play safely. Additionally, most sports require strong ground force movement, it will be hard for you to just toss a ball to a faraway teammate if your leg muscles are weak.
  • Skipping leg day means disregarding one of three important big lifts. The big 3 lifts are composed of deadlift, squat, and bench press. These three works on strengthening the large and major muscles of the body. If your goal is to be completely strong and healthy, never skip your leg strength training.
  • You will have difficulty in building muscles. Since you lack support from your legs, deadlift and other strength training for muscle build-up will be harder for you to perform correctly. You will need strong leg muscles for these kinds of exercises to avoid injuries and accidents.
  • Burning body fat will be a challenge. If you are aiming to lose weight, you will have to do cardio workouts such as running, stair climbing, cycling, HIIT, and many more. Did you notice the common denominator of these physical activities? They all require full-body coordination. That means that you have to use your legs, arms, waist, and hips in order to burn some fats.
  • You’ll be vulnerable to injury. Accidents and injuries are common in sports and during workouts at the gym. But according to research, a lot of these injuries happen to people with weak leg muscles. This is another reason for you to never skip leg day, strong legs are like an angel that protects you from harm and danger. If you feel pain after your leg workout, you can try to visit a massage clinic.

Overall, your program should always be balanced. It must consist of all kinds of strength training programs not only for your leg but for your glutes, upper body, arms, chest, back, and core.


When Can You Skip Leg Day

Ideally, you may rest and skip leg day if you are in the following situation:

  1. You are feeling very sore from your previous workout. Don’t push yourself too hard, if your whole body isn’t in the right condition for leg day, skip it.
  2. You have injuries or wounds that might get worse with a leg workout. Some leg exercises are quite intense so you might want to tone down a little bit on leg day.
  3. You feel exhausted and tired. Leg strength training requires your full energy. It will be a complete waste of time if you will force yourself to perform leg workouts while you’re feeling very tired from work or school activities. Skip it for the day and rest.
  4. You are sick. This is a completely valid reason for you to skip leg day. Even the strongest body-builder might consider skipping his whole training for the day if he is constantly sneezing and coughing. Just take a day off from working out and come back to the gym with a stronger will.

Above all this, health and wellness should always come first. Your routine will not be as effective as you want them to be if you are only forcing your body to do exercises that it’s not equipped to do. Just make sure that you have a valid reason to skip leg day.


Benefits Of Leg Workouts

Leg muscles provide complete support for optimum athletic performance and help us complete our daily tasks by allowing us to have a good pattern of movement.

Strong legs are particularly essential for people who utilize their lower body in doing their job. Individuals with chronic conditions like arthritis, diabetes, and heart problems can also benefit from leg training exercises.

Listed below are the advantages of not skipping your leg day:

  • Helps in hormone production. Hormones such as cortisol, HGH, and testosterone are essential in repairing injured muscle proteins and promoting muscle growth as well as burning fats.
  • Stabilizes strength. Your lower body must be as strong as your upper body. This will allow you to give out strength equally from different parts of your body.
  • It incorporates your core. Leg exercises are beneficial in so many ways. Depending on your execution, your leg workouts can also strengthen your core.

strong leg musclesApart from these major advantages, having strong leg muscles also helps in:

  • building muscles
  • providing toned and sculpted legs
  • strengthening muscles in the core
  • burning fats and losing weight
  • improving general fitness
  • reducing joint pain
  • strengthening bones
  • engaging major muscle groups
  • managing stress
  • improving posture
  • creating a proportional and balanced body
  • aiding back pain
  • improving balance, mobility, and movements

Whenever you feel like being extra lazy to do your leg day routine, remind yourself of the benefits that you will get when you complete your training. If that does not work out, try the negative approach by checking out the disadvantages if you skip leg day.

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