7 Side Effects That Show The Consequences Of Obesity

There are millions of people that love sugar and carbohydrates. From pasta to cakes and fruit shakes, several types of food and beverages contain lots of sugar and calories. Brushing your teeth can prevent cavities, which is commonly related to eating or drinking. But, there are consequences of obesity for people who don’t limit their food or drink intake. You can also visit this dental website in Woonona that talks about teeth grinding and apnea that is common among overweight people. Don’t wait for the consequences of obesity to take a toll on your health condition in the future. Read some more facts about obesity in both children and adults and how to prevent obesity. 


Facts About Obesity In Children And Adults

According to the World Health Organization, at least one in ten adults are obese. Moreover, at least 40 million children are overweight and have obesity. Among these people, at least adults in middle age are likely to have obesity. Have you tried checking your calorie intake? Many products today may have labels like “sugar-free” or “less calories.” A person who wants to lose weight and start practicing a healthy lifestyle can discipline themselves by cutting off unhealthy food. 


What Are The Consequences Of Obesity?

Are you a person that loves your chocolates, candies, or other sweets? Yet, sugary products aren’t the only foods that promote being overweight. You may want to watch out on how much grams you’re eating with various consequences of obesity. Childhood obesity can put higher risks in their life. A teen with an obese BMI can have a long term (chronic) disease due to diabetes. 


Joint Pain

Consequences Of Obesity

Fragile bones and weak muscles can’t support a body that is overweight. You can check out if you’re obese by looking at your Body Mass Index (BMI) via a health care clinic or from your hospital checkup. If your bodyweight is 25, you are overweight, but if it goes beyond 30, you are already obese. The consequences of obesity can impact fat accumulation in your body, which may trigger bone problems such as joint pain. Pregnancy may have common negative issues in a woman’s health. Significantly, underlying conditions such as obesity in pregnancy may impact the unborn child.


Type 2 Diabetes

Does sugar cause type 2 diabetes? According to doctors, sugars are not directly the main reason why people have diabetes. Instead, there are many correlating factors that sugars can do. One is the diminishing production of insulin in your pancreas due to how fast your body accumulates carbohydrates and sugar. Second, some people that are overweight tend to neglect exercising or doing physical activities. Yet, any individual can still develop diabetes regardless of sugar intake since it is an autoimmune disorder.  


Kidney Failure

Increased consumption of food plus lower physical activity that burns fat and calories will lead to kidney failure. The purpose of kidneys is to filter toxic wastes that our body produces. According to a study, obesity can disrupt the urinary system’s healthy process by not filtering extra water or toxic wastes in your blood. As a result, a person increases their risk of Diabetic Kidney Disease, Chronic Kidney Disease, and more related problems. 



Too much sugar in the bloodstream can promote bacterial growth. Any unmanaged obesity can be risky for a person’s life. Notably, cancer cells (squamous) can become common for people who feed sugar for the cancer cells’ energy. If you suspect that you have cancer symptoms, don’t hesitate to go to your local hospital as soon as possible. 


Sleep Apnea

Did you know that being overweight also leads to breathing and sleeping problems? Obstructive sleep apnea can occur when muscles in the breathing passageways relax that blocks oxygen intake. On the other hand, too many muscles, fat, or tissues in the airways also obstruct breathing. Dentists can provide solutions like mouthguards for treatment. 


Depression, Anxiety, Stress

How does mental health connect with anxiety, depression, or stress? Childhood depression isn’t healthy and can be alarming for parents. If you want to prevent this significant psychological problem, it may be best to consider visiting a psychologist to encourage kids to stop overeating. 


Heart Diseases

Consequences Of Obesity Childhood

Excess body weight can also increase the risk of having a stroke or heart attack. According to the American Heart Association, fat, oils, and cholesterol in what we eat can narrow blood vessels or clog the bloodstream. Without the critical oxygen that our heart needs, it can pump in more blood that increases high blood pressure (hypertension). According to experts, the consequences of obesity can be fatal, as at least 2.8 million people die from high blood glucose. 


How Do You Avoid The Consequences Of Obesity? 

As mentioned earlier, there are other factors that people can’t avoid the consequences of obesity. Apart from the causes such as unmanaged diet plans, some doctors theorize that genetics and family medical history are several reasons to inherit obesity. Moreover, illnesses like polycystic ovary syndrome or drugs may contribute to weight gain. Yet, there are still tips that prevent all people from seeing the side effects of the consequences of obesity. That said, here are our suggestions that you can do at your home. 

  • Check your country’s food pyramid instructions (balanced meal program)
  • Consult with a dietician, nutritionist, or a national health department
  • Decrease sugar and carbohydrate intake while making sure your meal is balanced
  • Exercise daily with physical exercises to burn fat and calories
  • Don’t neglect early symptoms of obesity
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