What Are The Benefits Of Aerobic Exercise?

Aerobic exercise can prevent the occurrence of so many diseases. In this article, we are going to discuss the different benefits of aerobic exercise, how it regulates the health condition of the heart and lungs, and why it is important to do it regularly. This is a kind of exercise that you can do anywhere, even at your own home. Build your own home gym today and see the amazing results in no time.


Understanding Aerobic Exercise

So what is an aerobic exercise? This particular kind of exercise is focused on the conditioning of the cardiovascular system, giving it its other name “cardio”.

People tend to execute this training particularly to help them in their weight loss targets. The word aerobic literally means something related to oxygen. By performing this exercise, your heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing will be regulated. This also helps in keeping the heart, lungs, and respiratory system healthy in general.


Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

The things that you will benefit from doing aerobics are numeroudoing physical activitys. Aside from its positive effect on the body’s appearance, it also helps in keeping the internal health in great condition. These include the following:

  • Prevents Heart Diseases. Aerobic exercise makes you breathe deeper and your heart rate goes faster which makes the amount of oxygen in your blood increase. This then causes your heart to pump blood more effectively boosting the blood flow all over the body. Your heart rate should be at least 70 to 80 percent of your maximum heart rate while doing the exercise.
  • Maintains the weight. Cardio, in general, can help a person achieve their weight loss goals. Aerobic exercise converts the extra body fat into energy to give you more strength in executing the training. If accompanied by a healthy diet, cardio can keep the body at an optimal weight with a decreased amount of calories.
  • Regulates blood sugar levels. Vigorous aerobic exercise lowers blood sugar levels. Studies even conclude that regular aerobics along with balanced meals can enhance the health condition of patients with type 2 diabetes.
  • Controlling the blood pressure. If the high blood pressure is neglected, it can result in serious health conditions leading to stroke and heart attack. As the blood pressure goes high, the blood vessels and the heart gets more prone to strain. Aerobics is an effective way to fight this off and control your blood pressure.
  • Prevents stroke. When the blood supply going to the brain gets blocked, a stroke takes place. This can lead to dangerous results and might even cause death. Doctors believe in the importance of regular exercise as it lessens the risks of this health condition.
  • Prolonged life. Those who exercise regularly, regardless of the intensity of the physical activity, tend to live a healthier and longer life. Because they were able to prevent the occurrence of certain diseases, their body is stronger and is more immune to chronic conditions.
  • Improves body functions. Accomplishing our daily life tasks requires a healthy and well functioning body. Aerobic exercise enhances our body’s ability to move and maximizes each body part function. It keeps us physically fit to avoid injuries and risks of falling.
  • Boosts the mood. Exercises release endorphins, also known as “happy hormones”, endorphins precipitate a good sense of well-being, hence boosting the mood. Any kind of physical activity, if done with determination and passion, can give a person a sense of satisfaction and joy. Knowing that you were able to finish your exercises for the day gives you the idea that you are getting closer to your weight loss goals or fitness targets.
  • Strengthens the immune system. One of the benefits of aerobic exercise is that it can keep your body immune to viruses. This exercise improves the immune system of our body and fights off viral illnesses.
  • Lets you sleep well. exercising is a good way to get better sleep. Although this statement has been hard for researchers to explain, it has been proven that aerobic exercise helps people with sleeping problems to doze off well.
  • Increases body strength and stamina. High-intensity exercises can greatly improve your body’s strength and stamina. At first, you will feel exhausted and drained from the training, but over time, you will feel that your body is slowly adjusting to the training and your ability to execute vigorous training gets better.
  • Helps you stay focused. It has been known that exercises can also improve brain functions. With regular exercise, your capacity to think, decide, and remember things gradually develops. Following this, aerobic exercise reduces the risk of dementia.
  • Lessen the risk of depression and anxiety. According to research, aerobic exercise is an effective way to battle against anxiety and depression. Experts suggest that this would be more efficient if you will do physical activities with a partner or a group.

These are just some of the benefits of aerobic exercise. The benefits that your body will get depends on how frequent, intense, and effective your training is. There is no definite daily limit for doing aerobic exercise, as long as you do it properly and with the right amount of rest for your body.


Risks of Aerobic Exercise

Despite the numerous benefits of aerobic exercise, there are also a few disadvantages attached to it. For example, people with pre-existing health conditions need to watch their routine to make sure that they are not overdoing it.

If you are suffering from any cardiovascular, respiratory, or brain diseases, it would still be much better to consult your doctor prior to engaging in much more intense training. It’s best to abstain from intense running until you get your GP’s approval.

Overexercising can lead to certain injuries as well. Due to exhaustion, your body’s capability to control itself gets affected, thus resulting in falling and feeling unbalanced. Not having the right information has its own risks as well, if you are only performing one kind of physical activity, there is a tendency that your muscle and joints will become sore. To prevent this from happening, try to incorporate different kinds of exercises that focus on different parts of the body, e.g. swimming plus jogging, wall climbing plus dancing.

Your exercise location is a huge factor as well. Exercising under the dehydration due to overexercisingscorching heat of the sun is not advisable since it increases the risk of dehydration. You can workout at home instead. Avoid outdoor physical activities when the sun is on full mode heat, try exercising in the morning or afternoon instead, and don’t forget to bring your water.

Watch out for cold weather as well as this increases the risk of hypothermia. If outdoor activities cannot be avoided, dress warmly, and make sure that you are in full gear for the cold. wear gloves and warm clothing.

Examples Of Aerobic Exercise

A physical activity that raises the heart rate and makes the breathing deeper and faster can be considered as an aerobic exercise. Here are some of the aerobic exercises that you can try even without any equipment:

  • jogging
  • brisk walking
  • running
  • hiking
  • swimming
  • skating
  • skiing

In order to fully maximize the benefits of aerobics, you may opt to combine different physical activities during your training. This will help you get the full benefit of the exercise and prevent injuries from occurring due to overexercising specific muscles and joints. A funny exercise is a trampoline. Check out!

Intense aerobic exercises include the following:

    • sprinting
    • dancing/Zumba
    • jumping jacks
    • jumping rope
    • squat jumps
    • kickboxing
    • burpees
    • trampoline

Exercising is proven to be an effective and safe way to lose weight, improve heart and lung condition, and stay physically fit. However, doing it in a manner that overworks the body could have serious consequences. It is still always better to balance everything to prevent injuries and fatigue.

Remember that getting enough sleep, eating balanced meals, maintaining your weight in healthy condition, and your lifestyle has great effects on your overall health. Do not solely rely on exercising as a healthy body is a combination of many factors.

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