Learning about nose jobs before and after

The nose is a complex organ made of delicate cartilage and bone. A nose job is a procedure known for its cosmetics benefits which are to improve the appearance of a person as well as functional benefits which are to improve breathing. The ideal candidate for a nose job should be done growing as facial growth can affect the shape and function of the nose hence affecting the nose jobs before and after expectations. If you are interested in undergoing a nose job, you find clinics that offer nose surgery in Melbourne.

Before the procedure patients are encouraged to take various vitamins to help with recovery and trauma, the procedure may involve decreasing or increasing the size of the nose, removal of the nasal hump and reshaping the nose tip and nostrils. A nose job can be performed either as open rhinoplasty or closed rhinoplasty. In open rhinoplasty, incisions are made in the columella, the skin strip between the nostrils, as well as within the nostrils while in closed rhinoplasty the incisions are made within the nostrils. Risks involved with the closed procedure may include distortion of results when instruments are retracted through the nostrils. The patient should be made aware in order to manage their expectations for the nose jobs before and after.

nose jobs before and afterBefore rhinoplasty, the patient should be made fully aware of the procedure, the risks involved and the benefits. The plastic surgeon can take images of the nose alongside the expected results images of the nose jobs before and after. This will effectively communicate the goals of the procedure to the patient as well as the surgical team.

During recovery after rhinoplasty most patients experience discomfort which can be controlled with pain medication like Tylenol. There will be bruising and swelling which subsides six weeks after the operation. Patients should wear the splints inside and outside of the nose up to a week after the operation to protect the nose from physical injury. The patient should also avoid strenuous activities such as jogging up to four weeks after the operation.


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