Underbite Surgery: Other Alternatives?

Are you looking for treatments for your underbite? Surgery and other treatment methods have been developed to help with an underbite. This article will talk about the underbites and treatment options available for it. If you need help with crooked teeth or if your wisdom teeth need to be removed, click on the link to get more information on those types of oral issues.

What is an underbite?

An underbite is a type of dental condition where the lower set of teeth extends further outward than the upper set of teeth. This type of dental issue may also be referred to as a prognathism.underbite surgery

Underbites can cause self-esteem problems, as most people who have them worry about the way they affect their physical appearance. Severe underbites may also cause issues related to chewing, breathing and talking. If underbites are left untreated, they may also lead to digestion problems.

Causes of underbites

Underbites may be caused by many factors. Here is an informative list that can shed light on the causes of underbites.


If one has a family history of underbites or other types of malocclusion, they will likely inherit the condition as well. Also, if a person has a small jaw that they genetically inherited from one of their parents, and large teeth which were passed down from another parent, it can cause an underbite as well.

Bad oral habits

If the child sucked their thumb when they were younger, it can affect the way teeth are positioned.

Treatment options

Taking care of your teeth

Practicing good oral health habits is a good way to prevent underbites. Part of this involves going to the dentist. If a child can visit a dentist early in life, there may be a chance of early prevention of underbites and other teeth malocclusion.

Orthodontic appliances

Dentists may recommend the use of braces or other types of appliances to correct the positioning of the teeth and jawbone.

Tooth extractions

Dentists may also remove some of the teeth to make a way for all the teeth to comfortably fit on the jawbone. Tooth extractions are usually done before orthodontic braces are put. The braces will align the teeth over time to their correct positions on the jawbone.

Underbite surgery

Keep in mind that underbite surgery is only done in extreme cases. The surgery involves bone reshaping and jaw repositioning. These operations only need to be done when the underbite of a patient will not be able to be corrected by simpler procedures.

If your dentist has recommended underbite surgery, and you have qualms and hesitations about it, talk to your dentist. They will explain why surgery is needed. If you do not want to have surgery, express this to your dentist and they will try to find alternative ways to get rid of your underbite. However, if this is the last resort, your dentist will be happy to explain to you the procedure involved and how it will be beneficial for you to take the surgery.


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