What Are Digestive Care Consultants?

What are digestive care consultants? Can they help people with crooked teeth? This article will talk about how these specialists can help provide care for people who have crooked teeth. Many dental practitioners believe that a straighter smile can help solve your digestive issues.

What are digestive care consultants?

These are specialists that offer services that are related to gastrointestinal and liver diseases. These doctors can help when a patient is experiencing aches and pains in their stomach.

If a patient has an unexplained stomachache, digestive care consultants will be able to find out the reason behind the pain. They will also most likely be able to recommend the proper diet to be followed, in case the pain was caused by indigestion.

How crooked teeth can affect digestion

In some cases, having crooked teeth can affect a person’s ability to chew their food properly. If the person swallows food that has not been ground up enough by their teeth, there is a chance that the person will suffer from indigestion afterwards.

The reason for this is because the stomach will not be able to effectively break down the food that was eaten if the food was not chewed properly. This is why people who have crooked teeth or malocclusion of their teeth should also consider getting their teeth straightened, to prevent indigestion and other health issues that can be indirectly and directly caused by their crooked teeth.

Causes and treatment for tooth malocclusion

There are many causes of tooth malocclusion. It may be caused by genetics, for example, it may be because the patient’s jawbone is too small to hold all of the patient’s teeth. It may also be caused by habits like thumb sucking and using a pacifier.digestive care consultants

Treatment methods are orthodontic braces and other methods to straighten teeth. If too many teeth are present on the jawbone, the orthodontist may recommend tooth extractions along with the tooth straightening procedure. In any case, the orthodontist will be able to tell the patient which type of procedure will benefit their case the most.

While having the malocclusion corrected, it is advisable that the patient also visits a digestive care consultant to get help with their digestion issues. The consultant will be able to give them advice on what type of diet to follow while waiting for their teeth to be straight enough to chew properly.

What you can do

If you suffer from tooth malocclusion and have problems with digestion, the two problems may be related. Seeking help from digestive care consultants may benefit you. If you are looking for this type of specialist, your doctor may be able to point you in the right direction. You can also otherwise go to your local hospital and they will have specialists ready to talk to you there.

You should also ask your dentist or orthodontist for the best treatment method for your malocclusion. Once you can solve this oral issue, you will be able to chew better and indigestion will no longer be a problem for you.


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