How Long Does It Take To Start Losing Weight Realistically

Desiring to become fit and less in size is not a bad thing to set goals for. It definitely helps in many ways especially when it comes to breathing and heart problems. Maybe, you are feeling that your weight loss program is not even working at all. You find yourself asking the question, “how long does it take to start losing weight realistically? Your question is one of the same hundreds of questions asked by both men and women during their weight loss routine. When you schedule a consultation with your dietician or nutritionist, check what factors are affecting your body weight.

Factors that contribute to your weight loss

The time that a person may see how long does it take to start losing weight is not within a two to three-week period that fast. That may also indicate that this sign is something to worry about. There are factors that ask for careful examination and regard when it comes to someone’s mass, muscle, and fat body buildup. Before you get out and do your exercise mode on, understand that people differ in many ways on their weight loss. Know which of these factors may affect how you see your weight loss realistically.


The body has a natural process of slowly distributing energy to our body from the food that we intake. Metabolism is a rate that affects our weight since it utilizes the nutrition that we get. Factors such as sitting, starvation, harmful diet methods, chronic diseases as well as less sleep and hormone problems control the metabolism that people have.  Ask your doctor which metabolism factors you need for your weight loss and what are the methods helpful for you. Each person has their own unique method according to their physical characteristics.


People’s age also affects the metabolism that they have especially when they grow older. For people around age 30, the metabolism starts getting slower for about 5 percent per 10 years. Bodies start to function less properly including energy level, muscle growth, as well as hormones. More people become fat due to these fats replacing muscle tissues. Don’t worry, people are still able to exercise for later stages. It is important to always do this routine as our body won’t respond to weight loss programs by the time we get older.


How Long Does It Take To Start Losing Weight With Your Friends

Realistically, men and women differ in their body mass and weight due to their bone structure and physical foundation as well. In general, men are bigger in muscle and intakes more fluid that gives a metabolism rate a boost. This means their fat to muscle ratio is better than women. Whereas, women tend to be bigger in size when they are pregnant. However, there are also men that may develop problems in their metabolism rate due to their lifestyle and sleeping patterns.

Be Realistic in Your Goals

If you’re still bothered why you’re still not seeing any change in your weight loss, then probably you are doing something wrong in the process. Remember what was your weight before and compare it with your current weight right now. If you have set goals per month, then that’s good but keep an eye on how you are doing to achieve this. Some people may even get too excited about exercising every day and not even watching out their fatigue and body capabilities. Setting a realistic goal for your weight loss is a good way to feel accomplished about your desires. Create a plan with your dietician or nutritionist for you to feel that you’ve really lost weight. Try using low impact exercises like stationary bikes, treadmills and elliptical machines for an effective weight loss workout.

Watch Out For Your Rapid Weight Loss

You don’t want to start developing more health problems if you’re hurrying on how long does it take to start losing weight. A rapid weight loss occurs if you’re shedding more than the number of pounds you need for a certain month. Such an incident may cause trouble on your lungs, heart, or even kidneys and liver. Check with a doctor regularly if your body is cooperating with the program as well.


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