Morbid Obesity Weight Loss

A person has morbid obesity when his Body Mass Index (BMI) is 40 or above. At such a level of obesity, the difficulty to perform usual everyday tasks become a daunting challenge. For instance, breathing while in sleep makes it difficult as obese people snore. People become obese because their daily caloric intake greatly outweighs their daily caloric expenditure. Energy from calories which is not used accumulates in the body as fat. So, is morbid obesity weight loss possible? Read on to find out.

First of all, regulate your caloric intake. Eating less than you need is a secure way to lose weight. Dropping processed foods filled with unhealthy fats and empty carbohydrates and changing them with fruits, vegetables, and lean meat will make you drop weight. Vegetables and most fruits can be filling, but they’re not dense in calories. This means that you’ll not feel hungry, even if you are little calories.

Next, it’s important to shop consciously. If you have decided to change your diet, do not buy sweet treats like cookies or potato chips. If there isn’t a temptation in your house, it’ll be easier to start eating healthy. morbid obesity weight loss

Besides diet, working out is also a sure way for morbid obesity weight loss. Try to contact a local trainer, who will make you a workout plan. Different exercise types are for different people, and it’s important to get a custom workout plan from a professional. At morbid obesity state, physical therapy and aerobics in a pool are usual choices.

Finally, find a support group of morbidly obese people. All of you in the group will share the same goal, which is to lose weight. Having close contact with people who are trying to attain the same will produce motivation and positivity, required for a successful weight loss journey.

In conclusion, morbid obese weight loss is possible and best methods are a healthy diet, exercising and joining a support group.

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