Pre Bariatric Surgery Diet

A couple of weeks before any kind of weight loss surgery, physicians tell their patients to start following a specific diet. This pre-bariatric surgery diet is very important because it significantly decreases the risk of any complications that can occur during the surgery. It reduces body fat, shrinks the liver, preserves muscle tissue, and also prepares the patient for the diet he’ll have to follow after the operation.

So, if you’re going to have bariatric surgery, what can you eat?

1) Clear liquids

Apart from water, you can drink low-calorie sports drinks, vegetable broth, and vegetable juice.

2) Caffeine-free tea and coffee

If you want the drink to have some extra flavor, you can add a small amount of soy or nut milk or some sugar-free sweeteners.

3) Protein shakes

These serve as meal replacements for most people who undergo bariatric surgery because they retain muscle tissue and increase metabolism speed.

4) Sugar-free snacks

You can treat yourself with a popsicle with no sugar in it up to once a day.

5) Low-calorie soups

Choose those soups that have vegetables and broth in them, instead of the ones with pasta and other carb-heavy foods.

pre bariatric surgery dietYour doctor might include nuts or lean meats in your diet as well, but it all depends on your body mass index. Whatever the case is, for at least a week before the surgery you’ll have to consume only liquids. So, having a big party and eating all your favorite foods for one last time right before the operation might be tempting, but it will make the surgery a much more dangerous procedure.

To stay safe, avoid foods that have big amounts of carbohydrates, sugars, and fats in them. Some examples are bread, pizza, rice, pasta, chocolate, sugary fruit drinks, cheese, and fried food. It might be difficult to stop eating all of them, especially if you’re used to regularly consuming them, but your organism will be very grateful if you follow a strict diet.

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