What is Sculpting Liposuction

Sculpting liposuction is a slightly invasive plastic surgery operation that cuts down unwanted fats and shapes the body through suctioning. In fact, it’s one of the procedures provided by a highly professional plastic surgeon in Bondi Junction, Sydney. It’s also called lipoplasty. This surgical procedure began 30 years ago in France. Since then, it has been adopted worldwide because it is safe and consistency of its results. In 2013, it was ranked in the fourth position as the most accepted cosmetic surgery in America. In the same year, approximately 200,000 patients underwent the procedure.

Sculpting liposuction is commonly indicated for clients who fall within 30 percent of their mean body weight; who have fatty areas that are unresponsive to dietary modifications and exercise. It is however contraindicated for people who have blood disorders because it results in severe complications. Although the procedure is mostly sought for abdomen and hips, it may also be requested for face, arms, legs, and the back to improve the outline and curves of the aforementioned body parts.

The best outcomes in sculpting liposuction are normally seen in patients of a relatively younger age. This could possibly be due to the fact that most young patients have good skin tone and elasticity. Nevertheless, the surgical procedure can be conducted across all demographics.

Sculpting liposuction provides several benefits to patients. Some of the benefits are the following: sculpting liposuction
• It aggressively reduces unwanted or stubborn fat deposits that hamper with your body contour.
• It gives immediate results making you look good in the clothes of your choice.
• It gives the impression of loss of weight, especially in the surgical sites.
• It gives you an efficient and fine body profile.

Although sculpting liposuction has several advantages, it also has some few disadvantages like:
• The surgical procedure, just like any other type of surgery, has risks.
• There is a possibility of surface asymmetry.

There are three techniques employed in sculpting liposuction;
• Tumescent liposuction
• Power-assisted liposuction
• Ultrasound-assisted lipoplasty

How is sculpting liposuction procedure carried out?

This procedure can be performed on an outpatient basis. Depending on the size of the area to be operated and the client preference, either general or local anesthesia can be used. The procedure lasts for approximately three hours. The plastic surgeon makes a tiny incision in the surgical and inserts a narrow tube known as cannula right into the fat deposits. The cannula slackens the fat deposits. Once the fat deposits are loosened, the cannula is then connected to a vacuum device and the fat cells are suctioned gently. Very small incisions are made that leave little or no scarring post-operation.

Sculpting liposuction recovery

Sculpting liposuction has recovery downtime of a few days. Post-operative patients are advised to restrict themselves from carrying out heavy tasks for about 3-6 weeks.

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