Cheek Fat Removal

Patients with chubby cheeks compared to the rest body parts will prefer to undergo buccal fat reduction like what clinic for fat removal in Melbourne does. Cheek fat accumulation is usually a hereditary factor. Since most of the facial nerves branch nearly to these fatty tissues, then cheek fat removal is done under a precise technique to avoid facial paralysis or bleeding in excess after the procedure. Patients ought to select a facial surgeon who has enormous expertise in facial surgery since the face is a compassionate place to mess.

The fat to be removed is traced by having numerous minor incisions inside the cheek fat removal cheek — The surgeon then locates the buccal extensions comprising the fat pads his extensions are very plentiful and spreads on the mouth surface. The cheek size determines the quantity of the cheek fat be removed and also the amount to be left to avoid cheek deformation later. Cheek fat removal is often done using radio wave instruments or a laser since this ensures that the blood vessels are sealed, thus reducing bleeding around the place. After the fat has been removed then minor incisions are then sealed using the dissolving sutures placed around the cheek area.

Healing may take at most five days with significant swelling. The change in facial appearance is immediately detectable, although the final bright appearance will be noticeable after the swelling is no more. Cheek fat removal generally makes the cheeks slim around the lateral area adjacent to the nostrils and the mouth corners. In most patients, the facial shape changes with a noticeable chance while to others the changes, may not be noticed.

Since overcorrection of this surgery can lead to an unhealthy look, thus a high degree of care must be maintained. Safe and a predicable procure is a factor to consider for better results. The cheek removal procedure will be through within 30 minutes per every cheek side and usually performed under local IV anesthesia.


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