Does smoking weed make you lose weight?

A lot of people wants to lose weight for aesthetic purposes. Other’s have a deeper reason why they want to trim down. It can be because their health is already suffering and it is a must for them to lose weight. There are complications being over-weight can bring to your health. It can result in developing high-blood, pressure, diabetes and even heart issues that can be fatal. Moreover, emerging research may have found a correlation between being overweight and oral bacteria. That’s why, proper dental care when overweight is also advised.

Regular exercise and a healthy diet is the key to controlling your weight. If you are just trying to lose some pounds, it can be an effective routine. Others resort into fad diets which will help them lose weight faster than just the usual routine. However, following a special diet may not be advisable if you have an existing medical condition. So the best advice is still to consult your doctor before going through a drastic change especially with your diet.

Another way is to try losing weight in an unconventional way. Some people advised that smoking weed can make you lose weight. However, cannabis is being known to have the munchies side effect. Meaning, if you smoke it, you will have hunger pangs that can only be filled with fatty junk foods. So if you’re asking “Does smoking weed make you lose weight?”, well  It sounds like smoking weed can actually make you fat. does smoking weed make you lose weight

Weight gain is the usual misconception about consuming cannabis. Some studies found out that if you smoke weed every day, it can actually make your waist trimmed and will result in lower insulin levels. But there’s no proof yet that it is effective with weight loss. Although weed smokers are usually thin, it was not proven yet that cannabis is the main reason for it.

Now, going back to the question “Does smoking weed make you lose weight?”. Possiblly, but it was never medically proven. Either way, if you are planning to try to smoke weed to lose weight, make sure that you do not have any existing condition to avoid any complications. You may want to stick with the regular exercise and the right diet for the meantime until further studies have proven that cannabis can really make you lose weight.

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