Gastric Bypass Surgery Time taken to Recover

Gastric surgery is one of the most widely used and most effective ways to lose excess fat from the body quickly. The gastric bypass recovery time depends to a very large extent on the health of the patient and the amount of weight which is lost using the surgery. The post surgery recovery time can be divided into three main categories:

  • time in the hospital after the surgery
  • recommended time for resting at home, and resuming most normal activities
  • complete recovery time from the surgery, leading a normal life

For every surgery there is some damage to the body, and there is always a possibility that there will be an infection. Hence the patient is usually hospitalized gastric bypass recovery time for a few days after the surgery, so that the doctors can observe if there are any side effects of the surgery, like bleeding and give the immediate medical attention which they require. Since most of the surgeries are laparoscopic, only small cuts are made to remove the excess fat. Hence the hospitalization time is usually less after the surgery, varying from two days to five days in the case of most patients. If a large amount of fat is removed, the hospitalization may be required for a longer period of time.

After being discharged from the hospital, the patient is usually advised to rest at home for a few days so that his or her body recovers from the surgery and he can resume his normal routine, like going to office daily. Most doctors will recommend that their patient rests for at least three to five weeks at home after the surgery so that all the related wounds are healing completely. However, the patient will still be advised to take some precautions like not indulging in strenuous activities like exercise or lifting heavy weights. Typically the human body recovers almost fully from the surgery in approximately ten weeks.

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