Learn about breast lift after weight loss

Breast is composed of fatty tissues and glandular tissue which are affected after a possible weight loss. This is because their size and quantity decrease were causing a change of appearance, shape, and size of the breast. A breast lift after weight loss, therefore, becomes the best alternative procedure to have your sagging breast re-inflated. If you are interested in this procedure, visit the team of bestbreastimplantsbrisbane clinic to learn more. This process involves elimination of excess skin, lifting of breast tissues and finally moving of nipples to correct position.

Types of breast lift

  • Mastopexy

This is a kind of breast lift surgery that only involves reshaping of the breast and nipples by elevating them to their natural position. This is ideal for women with significant breast tissues but with lax skin after a weight loss. Mastopexy alone cannot combat skin laxity and loss of breast tissue.

  • Mastopexy Augmentation

This is a bit more complex procedure that requires the services of a specialist. In this procedure, the breast is elevated and also and the lost size and cleavage are returned. This procedure involves implants that will make the breast look bigger.

Regardless of the choice of breast lift that you choose, you will require to have nipple surgery to correct its position too.breast lift after weight loss

Breast lift possible side effects

Before undergoing a breast lift, you should be aware of the possible side effect that may arise. Fortunately, these effects are not serious, and the doctor should be able to explain to you before commencing the surgery.

  • Temporal loss of breast/nipple sensation
  • Fluid accumulation
  • Anesthesia reaction
  • Asymmetry
  • Hematoma

Proper tissue examination will be carried out before a surgery option is suggested. Discuss with the surgeon how you want your breast to look before settling for the best option. It takes almost six weeks before you can feel normal after a breast lift. It’s recommended that you avoid jobs that will involve lifting or bending. This will see you back to your job within two weeks.

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