Weight Loss Surgery

Overweight or obesity in humans is when the body has excess fleshy parts or fats which is unhealthy to the body. According to world statistics as at 2nd May 2019, they are up to 1.6 billion obese people in the world accounting for 20% of the world population browse for more information. Obesity in humans is very bad as it affects the body and makes the victim prone to chronic diseases like heart attacks. An obese person can hardly live a normal life as he/she is either too fat to run, to walk for a long time, to exercise etc. Obese people are often teased whenever they are in the midst of people and some of them are known to suffer from low self-esteem due to their body size. It’s not advisable for people to be obese but however, some people are born with obesity.

Obesity is known to be prevented by changing specific diets that add excessive weight loss surgery fats to the body and by exercise. This will help to prevent obesity but may not be enough to cure it. One may require to undergo surgery when curing obesity. Obesity surgery will help reduce the weight of the obese person and give the person a happier life. Weight loss or obesity surgery is also known as bariatric surgery.

However, dental issues also arise from obesity surgery. Cases like tooth decay have been reported to occur after the surgery in up to 50% of obesity patients.
Tooth decay can be treated and it’s very common in some parts of the world. Tooth decaying is when the outer surface of a tooth starts to decompose due to bacteria activities. When someone’s tooth or teeth start to decay, this will cause tooth pain to the victim and if left untreated, can lead to several other infections that are dangerous to the body. Tooth decay happens to many patients who have passed through bariatric surgery.

Another tooth issue that can result from weight loss surgery is tooth erosion. Tooth erosion can be defined as the loss of a tooth or teeth and it’s known the fact that when it occurs, it can’t be revoked. Tooth erosion will make the teeth to change its white colour and this will spoil the beauty of your arranged set of teeth.
In conclusion, weight loss surgeries will cure a person of obesity, but it’s still necessary for the person to take care of his/her teeth after the surgery. If proper care is taken, a successful weight loss surgery will not affect the teeth of the patient.

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