Wisdom Teeth Removal and Weight Loss

Weight loss is a natural side-effect of wisdom teeth removal and is usually nothing to worry about. Having your wisdom teeth extracted can be a difficult experience. There is a great deal of pain involved and often a long recovery period, during which time many people report losing weight. If you want to experience painless wisdom tooth extraction, visit Randwick Smiles’ clinic.

Weight loss is normal after dental surgery for two main reasons. The first is that dental surgery, wisdom tooth extraction included, is well known to cause mouth pain. Mouth pain can make it difficult to eat normally and if the pain is significant enough some people may not eat enough food to maintain a healthy weight. If you suspect mouth pain is the cause of your weight loss, talk to your doctor about pain management options.

The other primary reason people lose weight after having their wisdom teeth extracted is a restricted diet. After removing your wisdom teeth, the oral surgeon will stitch the wounds closed. Because of the location of the stitches, you will be asked to avoid eating normal food as this could cause infection, tear the stitches, and delay healing.

You will be put on a restricted diet of soft, easily eaten foods that require little or no chewing. These foods are often high in water and low in calories and their increased consumption can cause weight loss. If your restricted diet is causing you to lose too much weight, be sure to mention it to your doctor. They can help you change your diet to include foods higher in calories that will not damage your stitches.

wisdom teeth weight lossOf course, any dramatic weight loss should be reported immediately to your doctor. This is especially important if you are experiencing other side effects, such as diarrhea, dizziness, bloody stool, and many others. These can be indicative of a more dangerous condition and should not be ignored.

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