How Much Does Weight Loss Surgery Cost? Is It Worth It?


Although weight loss is popular for its aesthetic advantages, there are health gains that come with a decrease in body weight. And when all measures fail, one technique remains to be possible and successful. Weight loss surgery gains positive reviews and applause of people through its efficiency and results. Not only will it benefit people who have difficulty sticking to workout but also to people who have inborn metabolism defects. But before surfing the net searching for how much does weight loss surgery cost, you might want to have a better insight into the procedure. Would you be a valid candidate? Will insurance payment cover bariatric surgery or gastric bypass? Are there any payment options for weight loss surgery?

cost of weight loss surgery SAbariatricWhile many reap the weight loss effects and waistline narrowing benefits of exercise, some don’t. Even with the strict diet plans and coupled with complex exercises, weight loss seems to be at the far end of the road. After all, not all who want to lose weight aspire for a smaller body shape. Some people are into weight loss training for the necessity and health impacts of it.

But before you take all the time to read on the benefits of weight loss surgery, you might want to know the answer to the golden question first.


How Much Does Weight Loss Surgery Cost?

Checking on the details and procedural factors before going on the table results in a better and sound decision. After all, going under gastric surgery is not like going through a small bruise. A team of medical professionals will have to facilitate the entire process, and the patient will be under anaesthesia. Cutting the chase, if you are wondering how much does a weight loss surgery cost, it could range from $20 000 to $30 000. However, you could opt for insurance coverage that could lessen the total average. While the traditional weight loss exercise and diet costs cheaper, there is little to no guarantee on the effects. Medical surgeries like weight loss surgery will ensure a high success rate for people who want to lose weight. Typically, a weight loss surgery cost depends on multiple factors, which include:

Type of surgery

Bariatric surgery is a collective term that could refer to any weight loss procedures. There are other techniques aside from gastric bypass to augment weight loss surgically and are often under insurance coverage. The type of surgery primarily drives the average surgery cost.

Surgeon’s professional fee

Depending on the complexity of the operation and the expertise of the surgeon, the total cost average could change. Hence, it is essential to find not only an affordable surgeon but also a registered and skilled one.

Hospital rates

Aside from the type of surgery to lose weight, bariatric surgery may require hospitalisation. The need for close monitoring is vital in ensuring the full recovery and functionality of the process. Among other fees includes hospital cost like the operating and hospital rooms.

Additional Fees

There could be additional costs during weight loss surgeries which include the anesthesiologist’s fee, device cost, and follow-ups. Operating machines like a suction unit are used during surgery which contributes to the total cost.


Before you jump for joy after surgery, you should do proper aftercare practices. These include but are not limited to dietitian counselling and psychological support. Not only will aftercare augment the effects of the surgery, but it is also another way of the physician to monitor your progress.


What Is Bariatric Surgery? 

different weight loss surgery optionsIn a simpler notion, bariatric surgery refers to any surgical method that may include removal of a gastric part. With the increasing obesity rates across the world, the uncertain effects of exercise and controlled diet seems hopeless. The long-lasting effects of these surgeries like gastric bypass provide long-term effects to patients. Aside from a significant jumpstart on weight loss, bariatric surgery has other benefits as well. However, not all could be a candidate for this surgical procedure. An initial surgical appointment will determine the suitability of the patient for the process.


What Are The Types Of Weight Loss Surgery

As the nature of the method greatly affects how much does weight loss surgery cost, it is helpful to know your options. Depending on the hospital that offers bariatric surgery and your condition, you could either have one of the following:

  • Gastric bypass. Typically, this process has an average medical cost of $23 000.
  • Lap band. This surgical band method costs anywhere from $9 000 to $29 000. This process helps the patient to feel full faster when eating.
  • Sleeve gastrectomy. This irreversible gastrectomy procedure ranges from $5 000 to $10 000, which is effective in reducing food consumption.
  • Biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch (BPD/DS). Also known as duodenal switch this costs between $20 000 to $30 000 without insurance.
  • Vagal blocking device (vBloc)
  • Stomach pump


How Much Does Weight Loss Surgery Cost: The Conclusion

Even when the entire process could cost a sum, it would deliver not only positive results but noticeable ones as well. After all, the medications and frequent check-ups associated with obesity would cost much more than the entire surgery cost. Hence, weight loss surgery might cut your budget for a while, but it is one of the best methods to win the tricky weight loss journey.

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