The effects of having a less-stress job

In this world, stress is normal in all aspects may it be mental, physical, or emotional. There can be many conditions such as teeth grinding, headache, or irritability that indicates we are stressed out. The one that can affect its difference is how we act under stress. What we do to handle stress affects our everyday lives. And because living with stress is already a typical day for everyone, let us imagine the effects of having a less stress job.

Common sources of stress at work

  • Meeting strict deadlines
  • Low salary but high commodities
  • Demanding bosses
  • Lack of room for career growth
  • Consistent role changing or lack thereof

Side effects of stress

Health problems and personal conflicts can arise from work-related stress. They happen not while you are still in the office, but it can, unfortunately, go with you while you are doing things outside of work.

Stress can cause body issues like headaches, insomnia, lack of concentration, sleeplessness, short temper, and even grinding of teeth when sleeping. It can also weaken your immune system and make you vulnerable to bacterial and viral infections.

It can also lead you to have an unhealthy way of life. Stress can cause you to overeat, smoke, and use alcohol and drugs to forget and feel light. However, it is not just stress that solely did it, it is your lack of strength to handle the stress that you let yourself go that path.

Ways to manage stress

less stress jobWrite about it. For you to internalize and analyze your fears and stress at work, make a journal or quick notes about it. You can also write down how you acted on it. So, after realizing what you did right or wrong, the next time it happens, you know exactly what to do.

Take a vacation. The moment that you are scheduling a getaway is in itself a stress reliever. Moreover, having something to move forward to lets you enjoy every single day that comes by as this makes you come nearer and nearer to your dream vacation.

Get support and talk about it. If you are affected emotionally about the stress, talk to a psychologist, your supervisor, or a family member you trust the most. Their opinions and words of wisdom may affect you more than you know.

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