Gastric Bypass Surgery Complication

Gastric Bypass surgery is one of the Bariatric surgery procedure that helps people who suffer from morbid obesity to lose some extra weight. Having morbid obesity isn’t simply dealing with a demeaning snore. It has many risks of developing various life-threatening diseases. But if you’re concerned with your snoring, this dentist near Sunnybank area, helped an overweight snorer so it can be an easy fix. And for other life-threatening diseases resulting from morbid obesity, a gastric bypass surgery may prevent them from developing once the patients have shed off some weight.  But just like other surgeries, there are possible gastric bypass surgery complications that you need to watch out for.

The common gastric bypass surgery complications are:


One of the most possible risk is mortality or death. Death risk may be due to the degree of obesity, heart disease, diabetes mellitus and the history of pulmonary embolism.

A leak from steak line breakdown

This is a postoperative risk that can be treated by antibiotics. In some cases, healing may take time but as for a serious leaking problem, emergency surgery will be needed.

Incision hernia

This the weakness in the incision of the procedure. This happens mostly to patients who had gastric bypass open procedure instead of a laparoscopic procedure. This can be remedied by surgical repair depending on the severity of the hernia. This can be treated by corrective surgery or by dilating the narrowed opening using a tube that passed through the mouth.

Dumping syndrome

Another complication associated with gastric bypass surgery is dumping syndrome where a stomach content moves quickly through the intestine. This causes vomiting, nausea, sweating, dizziness, and diarrhea.

Blood clotting on the legs

This is another complication that occurs mostly on overweight people and the clotting of the blood can be dangerous. Smoking increases the risk of blood clotting therefore before the surgery the doctor will advise you to quit smoking.

Some other complications include:
Deep vein thrombosis
Complications from anesthesia
Deficiency in proteins, vitamins, and minerals
Kidney stones
Marginal ulcers
Nerve problems
Post surgery bleeding
Spleen injury
Low blood sugars
Too much weight loss
GastroIntestinal tract leak
Premature bursting open of a wound along the surgical suture.

Of course, these gastric bypass surgery complications can be avoided by making the effort of eating properly and exercising on a regular basis to avoid the surgery.

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