The Link Between Genetics And Obesity (2 Considerations To Think About)

Have you heard that genetic makeup can also determine a person’s health? Mainly, many scientists use clinical trials and previous cases of disease and recovery for developing a cure or treatment. Some health illnesses may be blamed for a patient’s ancestors or their parent’s genes. Regardless if there’s a connection or not, a person’s health should not be neglected. If you want to consult a professional for a better explanation of your health’s condition, go to Several medical researchers also see the correlation between genetics and Obesity. However, don’t be discouraged about these issues, as anyone can lower the chance of being obese.


The Statistics Of Obesity

How can Obesity be a great concern for millions of people around the world? Obesity is common in the United States, with over 40 percent of Americans that have the disease. There are at least 1.9 billion adults and counting since 2016 that are overweight. Many of these obese patients are over 18 years old, and 38 million children under the age of 5 are also overweight, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Being obese means your Body Mass Index (calculation of weight for height) is disproportionate to each other. An overweight person has at least 25 BMI while being obese is 30 BMI and above.


The Connection Of Genetics And Obesity

At this moment, only two considerations are seen by many medical experts regarding the link between genetics and Obesity. Besides, several side effects of the type of diabetes or other complex heritability issues can play a part in the occurrence of Obesity. Development of a study to eliminate the “human error”, as some people say, is far from perfect. Yet, there is a massive role for research in epigenetics and the modern conditions of Obesity. 


Inheritance Pattern Caused By A Single Gene

Monogenic Obesity, according to studies, is a rare form of the disease from spontaneous mutations in single genes. Obesity is even linked to several genetic syndromes such as Bardet-Biedl, Prader-Willi, Cohen syndrome, among others. One of the common factors that show this obesity category is the constant feeling of being hungry in children. MC4R, the gene responsible for this issue isn’t exclusive to one group. In this case, it may be hard to single out how to track the occurrence of Obesity in a person’s lifetime.


Mutations In Multiple Genes

Genetics And Obesity

Genetics and Obesity can also have complications through multiple genes or polygenic obesity. How can genes be associated with Obesity? Most genes have an important role in energy balance. Particularly, mutations in various genes are inherited in many factors and can either be due to pregnancy conditions, family genetic history, or a natural genetic mutation problem. 


Other Considerations That May Involve Genetics And Obesity

  1. Sleep disorders can become a result of being overweight
  2. Obstruction of breathing is due to fat tissues 
  3. Prescription medications can affect genetics or Obesity
  4. Environmental factors like advertisements may promote Obesity
  5. Watch your hormones
  6. Endocrine disorders may also increase Obesity
  7. High Blood Pressure can cause various health issues including diabetes, eye problems etc


Is There A Way To Treat Obesity?

Management Before, During, And After Pregnancy

Both the pregnant woman and her child can be at risk for pregnancy. Especially, moms who are experiencing hormonal imbalances may have the urge to guzzle on sweets, carbohydrates, and other food. That said, dietary programs for the prenatal stage is crucial to prevent the high chance of being obese.


Childhood Obesity Can Be Treated

It is often that problems like being overweight, tooth cavities, and heart problems are seen in children. Weight loss is more manageable at an early age, as the results show over time. Yet, there are factors of genetic disorders that may hinder the proper treatment of children. Some comorbidities such as asthma, sleep apnea, type 2 diabetes, joint problems, and even mental health problems are parent’s concerns. Hence, it may be best to start having physical fitness as soon as symptoms show.


Adults Can Also Monitor Their Obesity

Being obese can also happen later for an adult. Unhealthy habits, lifestyle, and the lack of burning body fat may lead to Obesity and risk factors. However, one isn’t limited to the relation of genetics and Obesity as adults can monitor their body mass index (BMI) better than children or seniors. Hence, it is essential for an adult to maintain proper diet plans by eating nutritious food, maintaining sugar, and burn fat by exercising.


You May Track Your Genes With FTO Gene Testing

Genetics And Obesity 2 Considerations To Think About

Lastly, the advantages of technology enable people to secure and discover their ancestry medical records with the help of FTO gene testing. These trials and laboratory tests are beneficial for people who may be curious about their genetic makeup. Furthermore, you must only get your FTO gene testing from a government or a certified public health laboratory with approval from your local health department. Please don’t take chances on online websites that claim they can conduct genetics or genetic testing without reviewing their goals and their credibility.


Medical Treatment For Obesity

Today, obese or diabetic patients may look for surgical procedures for cases where the body isn’t responsive to dietary programs anymore. Among the methods are gastric bypass, gastrectomy, and gastric banding. It is a high-risk treatment for people who have Obesity to undergo these procedures. Before having your examination, you may want to consider bringing up your issues about genetics and Obesity. They can explain details about the causes and what to expect for your treatment. You may visit your local hospital or clinic to start your weight loss journey.

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