Dental Implant Infections

The most common type of complication that results from dental implants is infections of various types. So if you are planning to get a dental implant you might wanna look for dio navi implants as it requires minimal surgery with less chair time and less danger of inflammation and/or infection. But if you already have one it’s very important to know these dental implant infections so that you be in the best position to protect yourself or identify the signs early enough.

These infections are mostly caused by bacteria that usually start building up in the mouth immediately after the surgery or some years later.

There are several dental implant infections but the most popular is known as peri-implantis. This infection presents itself as a form of gum disease and can lead to bone loss or even implant failure if not treated early enough.

A study done by the University of Gothenburg ( indicated that about half of all those that have dental implants suffer from peri-implantis. This shows how important it is to take care when getting a dental implant as chances of infections are pretty high. The bright side is that most of those cases are not severe as only 14.5% of that group develop serious concerns like bone loss. dental implant infections

The following are some of the common symptoms of dental implant infections:

1. Continuous bleeding the first day after surgery

2. A persistent fever that gets worse every day

3. A throbbing pain that does not seem to respond to any medication

4. Getting a severe swelling after undergoing through the surgery

It is advisable to see a dentist the earliest time possible you start noticing these symptoms. This prevents the possibility of the infection escalating further.

If treated early, you will have no issue as the dentist will diagnose you to know the best course of action such as antibiotics, removal of the implant, adjusting the bite, or cleaning around the implant. The treatment depends on the stage of infection.

If left untreated for a long time, it can develop to serious problems like the weakening of the jaw or removal, loss of teeth, or spreading to soft tissues and sinuses. In most severe cases, it can cause septicemia which is a life-threatening situation or even spread to the brain.

In conclusion, dental implant infections are not severe if treated early but can lead to life-threatening situations when left untreated for a long term. It is always recommended to consult the dentist at the earliest sight of any related symptoms.

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