What You Should Know About Arm Liposuction

Liposuction of the arms is an effective way to saggy shoulders, which with age appear in many women. If the problem is also hanging skin, not fat, the solution may be arm surgery. Liposuction is a plastic surgery that only removes fat accumulated on the shoulders, not skin folds. Fat removal is still being improved and can now be done with minimally invasive methods that additionally stretch the skin of the arms, e.g. using a laser. If you are interested to know more about liposuction, visit one of the best cosmetic surgery clinics in NSW.

  • The course of shoulder liposuction

Slouchy shoulders are now a problem for many women, especially at a mature age. It causes ladies to be ashamed to put blouses on straps and even in summer they wear blouses with sleeves. No exercise or diet can completely remove sagging shoulders. Even physically active people complain about it. Of course, you can burn some fat, but you cannot remove the skin that stays on your shoulders. Liposuction and shoulder surgery is a good solution – they remove fat and stretch the skin. Plastic surgery, however, always involves some risk of complications.

arm liposuctionAfter anesthesia, a tube is inserted under the skin, which “melts” the fat and sucks it in. Thanks to the small incisions, the risk of infection and scarring are minimized. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, which also reduces the risks associated with surgery. The suction of the fat takes 1-2 hours. Sometime after the liposuction of the arms, the skin will be red and swollen. For a few days after surgery, try to give your shoulders a break. All ailments should pass after about 4 weeks. Up to now, you must also wear special compression bandages. Patients rarely complain about scars visible on the skin after such surgery.

  • Water liposuction of the arms

The name aqueous liposuction can be misleading because during this plastic surgery no water is injected, but the aqueous solution in the form of fluid. It contains adrenaline, stopping bleeding, and special substances that are designed to dissolve fat. This method differs from traditional methods of fat sucking in that the treatment area is not injected with lidocaine before the procedure itself. The essence of water liposuction with ejaculation is that the aqueous solution is injected directly into the body and then dissolved and sucked through the same cannula. Thanks to this suction, it runs much faster and rarely results in muscle and tissue damage. In addition, aqueous liposuction does not have to be performed under full anesthesia.

Arm liposuction is not a magic way to lose weight. This procedure really will help people who are only lightweight, several kilos overweight or have none at all, but are unable to cope with the fat on the shoulders.

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