Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty

Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty (ESG) is one of the newest options for achieving weight-loss. Usually, bariatric procedures which involve in the process of surgery are the most common and effective practices for weight-loss. However, surgeries can lead to several adverse effects, including operative complications. On the other hands, ESG is one of the non surgical treatments that help reduce your stomach’s size using an endoscopic suturing device, skipping the need for complex surgery. The procedure is operated in minimally invasive fashion, minimizing the risks of complications.

It is recommended that ESG procedure is best suited for adult people above 18 years old, having a body mass index of 30 or more, with their exercises and diet are proved to be unsuccessful. Generally, the procedure requires relatively simple steps.

Firstly, a flexible tube (endoscope) will be inserted down into the stomach. The tube is attached with a tiny camera and an endoscopic suturing device. The camera will provide needed visions for the procedure while the doctor will place about 12 sutures in the stomach using the suturing device. They will reshape your stomach into a tube-like structure, which will restrict the amount of food and calories your body can absorb. The process will only take approximately 90 minutes.

After the procedure, patients are required to follow a strict diet. They cannot eat in 8 hours after the procedure. After that, patients can start a liquid diet for one to two weeks before moving on to a semisolid one. Over four weeks, they can return back to their regular diet.

endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty

Recent studies show that ESG has provided promising results. On average, patients can lose 50% of their excess body weight over a 6-month mark, which extends to about 60% after one year mark. In addition to significant results in weight-loss, ESG can also improve patients’ metabolic profile, leading to positive improvements in blood sugar or blood pressure as well as other conditions.

All in all, endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty is proven as a fast, effective, and risk-free procedure for weight-loss. People with their overweight problems now have an extra option to consider. However, keep in mind that the procedure is only the first step of bettering your health. To avoid regaining weight (which can happen even after the procedure), a healthy lifestyle with a proper diet is equally important.

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