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Everybody deals with some form of a weight issue, at least once, at some point in their life. Most of these issues have to do with weight gain, and with the impossible body standards programmed into us by society and all sorts of lifestyle diseases that stem from weight gain. It’s become almost impossible to step on a weighing scale without cringing.

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Until recently weight issues were a myth to me, something I only saw other people struggle with. But as I get closer to the big 30, my metabolism has hit a deadlock and no longer have works like the jackrabbit on speeded it used to before. I believe everyone goes through the same predicament as they age, we all start putting on pounds in areas we would rather have remained trim, and the older we are, the harder it’s for us kick off this stubborn weight and bounce back to our original healthier selves. This led me to do a lot of research on the best weight loss diets, and the one which I found to have the best all-around glowing reviews was the Keto-Diet.

The Keto-Diet involves infusing our daily diets with adequate protein, high fat, a lot of vegetables and very little carbs. This diet generally puts our bodies in a state of Ketosis. Which means our bodies are forced to burn fat instead of carbohydrates for energy. This concept is not new, and most Ketogenic diet gurus will tell you that this diet existed as far back as in cavemen days when the basic caveman diet consisted of main protein, fats, and vegetables.

Best Weight Loss DietSo, what makes this the best weight loss diet? Well, where other diets work on depriving the dieter of calories by restricting meals, the keto diet allows you to eat everything you are used to eating but just in different portions. This diet not only keeps us lean for cosmetic purposes to feed our vanity but also helps us stay fit and healthy. In that, it’s extremely effective in helping with weight loss but also effective in dealing with conditions like epilepsy and controlling blood sugar which is the main cause of diabetes.

As great as this diet is just like any diet it takes adjusting to, and the first time you try it, you may fall into what is medically called a keto flu. Don’t let this deter you from pushing on with the diet. This is just your body noticing a change and adjusting to the current circumstances. This discomfort will only last a few days, and once your body adapts to the new dietary changes and a healthier lifestyle, everything will go back to normal.

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